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Prevented Planting

***  Prevented Planting Insurance 2019   ***

Prevented planting is the failure to plant an insured crop by the final planting date for Corn - June 5th and Soybeans – June 20th. You must be prevented from planting by an insured cause of loss that is general to the area and prevents other producers from planting similar acreage. Coverage is provided for both Yield Plan (YP) and Revenue Protection (RP) policies, no coverage is provided for Area Risk Protection (ARP) or CAT policies.

* You are required to provide a notice of loss within 72 hours after the Final Plant Date or once you have determined you will not plant during the late plant period.

Your Prevented Planting Options:

1.  Plant the original crop during the Late Plant Period. Production guarantee is reduced 1% per day for each day planting after the final plant date. Late plant period for Corn is June 6-25 and Soybeans June 21-July 15.

2.  Plant a second insurable crop (soybeans) before the end of the corn late planting period.

3.  Plant nothing and leave acreage idle. Corn prevented planting pays 55% of the insurance guarantee and Soybeans pays 60% of the insurance guarantee. You can plant a cover crop (check with agent for details). There is no reduction to your crop yield history.  *Call and submit a prevented planting claim*

4.  Plant a second crop (soybeans) AFTER the late planting period for corn (if you are prevented from planting corn during the late plant period.) You would need to submit a claim during the corn late planting period. You may receive a Prevented Plant payment equal to 35% of your Prevented Planting guarantee. If doing this you could not plant beans until June 26. You would also receive a reduction to your corn yield history.  *Call and submit a prevented planting claim*

There are minimum acres required by unit and other criteria that must be met for Prevented Planting claims. Please call Chris or Jill at 1-888-417-8623 to discuss your options and ask questions concerning your coverage. Any messages left at the office go to our cell phones. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Farmer-paid Premium and Enterprise Units

Enterprise units have significantly lower premiums than basic or optional units. To be eligible for an enterprise unit, a farmer must plant the lower of 20 acres or 20 percent of planted acres in at least two sections. Note that the Enterprise Unit discount requirement is based on planted acres.  Prevented planted acres do not enter into the calculations. If no planting occurs, the farm will receive prevented planting payments, but will not be eligible for the lower enterprise unit premiums.

Below is a link to an article with additional prevented planting information.  The article also contains a spreadsheet to assist in deciding which option might be best.

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